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Fiat Uno – Biggest Parking Ticket Ever

A Fiat Uno, which was left in an Austrian parking lot for two years, got a fine of $26,110.

The owner was deported by the immigration officials two years ago, and left the Fiat Uno behind. A local law that doesn’t allow for vehicles to be towed if they don’t obstruct traffic made sure that the car couldn’t be moved.

Because the owner doesn’t want to pay the bill, the city officials want to declare the place occupied by the car a construction site, which will let them take the car from there.

fiatuno thumb Fiat Uno   Biggest Parking Ticket Ever

Considering the value of the car, I don’t think it’s worth getting it back, unless of course there’s a real sentimental reason behind that fact. icon smile Fiat Uno   Biggest Parking Ticket Ever

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