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Fiat Tempra

Fiat Tempra was a successful middle segment family car which really increased the market capitalization of Fiat during the late 90s. From 1990 to 1999, Tempra did an excellent job in maintaining the quality symbol of Fiat and also replacing the Fiat Regata. A major reason for the success of Tempra was the strong platform on which it was built. Tempra proudly shared its platform with the Lancia Dedra and Alfa Romeo 155.

The initial versions came up with a standard 1.4L and 1.6L engines which were backed by carburettor. Slowly as times progressed, the newer models in 1992 had to come up with catalytic converters and electronic injectors. Fiat gradually improved the speed transmission gear-box for Tempra. For the first time in late 1992, a mid size sedan like Fiat Tempra was powered up by an optional 4.0 speed automatic transmission.

Fiat Tempra Fiat Tempra

The emphatic march of Tempra was suddenly halted by some serious criticism and defects that were found in its production. Some of the defects that were handled and resolved were water infiltration through windshield gasket during rainy weather and high oil consumption. Unlike other models of the same segment, Tempra offered a very low average per gallon.

Some major electronic malfunctions in the models of 94-95 further degraded its image.

These shortcomings were taken care of very soon and there were some worth mentioning qualities in Fiat Tempra. From a cheap and reliable car whose engine could well handle the driving styles of urban, urban outskirts and rough highways, Tempra was a mark of strength and reliability from Fiat’s kitty. The car made its presence felt in the form of a sedan as well as a station wagon.

Fiat Tempra1 Fiat Tempra

Though newer models from other companies forced Tempra to retreat in the backyard; yet people enjoyed Tempra in the form of a low maintenance, cheap and easily available automobile.

Europe saw the first production shutdown for Tempra in 1996 which was followed by the shutdown of its biggest production plant in Brazil in 1999. By that time, Fiat had already sold more than 4, 00,000 models in a span of 10 years which proved the true character of a successful car.

The new Fiat Marea took its place as the next car of the same segment.

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