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Fiat Sedici

Fiat Sedici is one of the few sports utility vehicles from Fiat who have proved their worth as a city car as well as a real sports wagon as well. It is not a Fiat venture alone but a combined effort of Fiat and Suzuki. Launched in 2006 in Geneva, the joint collaboration has the capacity of injecting 60,000 cars in the market per year. While Fiat markets it with the brand name of Sedici, Suzuki has coined the name SX4 for the same.

Sedici achieved a great stride when it was announced as the official car of the Winter Olympics held in 2006. There is an interesting history behind its name. The name, ‘Sedici’ has been coined in Italian language which actually means 16. Since the car is a standard 4X4 vehicle, the result 4X4=16 was kept in mind when the name was being coined.

Fiat Sedici Fiat Sedici

The Sedici has done wonders in European countries and has even become the second bestselling car in some countries like Italy. It slowly overtook more market share from its nearest rivals until in 2007; it became the largest selling SUV. Fiat did not stop innovating with this vehicle; the reason why the 4X2 version was also launched last year.

The two versions of engines which are available in Petrol and Multijet Diesel have enough capacity to throttle up the speeds up to 180 Km/h which is an astounding statistic for a city sports car.

Be it the hard terrains or the smoother city roads, Sedici has very well adapted to the contrasting variations. From a beautiful elegant 4X4 car to a real boss on solid terrains, Sedici is an asset everywhere.

Fiat Sedici1 Fiat Sedici

Moreover, Fiat has designed the engine using the latest Eco-technology which means that you could save up to 15% annually on your fuel bills. Though it looks sturdy and bulky; yet it fits in easily in any parking space. The interiors have been applauded many a times.

Fiat takes great pride in designing all its cars beautifully. Sedici is simply one of the best designed cars whose interiors can cause a normal hiccup to nearest rivals.

Fiat has marketed this car wonderfully and hopes to make Sedici one of the front runners in the competitive segment just like what Suzuki did with SX4.

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