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Fiat Palio

Palio is one of the few cars manufactured by Fiat which was aimed at all the developing markets of the world. The same car is produced in many parts of the world but has a lot of different names as per the country. In Brazil, China, Argentina, India, Turkey and South Africa, it is known as the Palio.

The journey began exactly 13 years ago when Fiat aimed to produce the first ever World car which would make its presence felt in almost every part of the world. To maintain the uniformity in some of the design specifications, the basic chassis was a mere enhancement of Fiat Uno and the previous architecture was restructured to give the car more strength and flexibility on rough roads.

The production did not start a once but Fiat preferred a step by step progression. In 1996 the first plant in Brazil took care of the production for South America. The very next year Argentina too got its own plant. Poland, Morocco and Venezuela were the next places where Fiat started producing Palio. Turkey began the same process in 1998 while the very next year saw the launch of Palio in India and South Africa. Egypt and China were the last ones to receive a production plant for Palio.

Fiat Palio Blue Front Fiat Palio

Fiat realized the need for change in the model and hence in 2001 it received its first major uplift. From new front and rear fascias to some delightful interiors, Palio received some good configuration upgrades. The new engine, FIRE breathed new life into Palio.

In 2004, Palio again underwent some major changes and the engine power was increased to around 120 bhp. From alloys to seat-covers, parking assistant sensor to rain sensors, lowered suspensions to brand new interiors, Palio transformed into a whole new car in 2004. This model broke the Brazilian record of highest selling car that time due to its impeccable sales statistics.

Fiat Palio Blue Fiat Palio

Parts of South America got an opportunity to experience the 4th revised version of Palio in 2007. Some great instrument panels and powerful engine were some of the major changes in this model.

Undoubtedly, Palio has projected the brand ‘FIAT’ in a whole new way. With over 112,000 cars sold after 2007, Fiat is all set to launch the final version of Palio in late 2010. As claimed by Fiat, this car will break the backbone of other competitors. Fiat has surely redefined its image with Palio.

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