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Fiat Multipla

Multipla is one of the few MPV’s manufactured by the Italian giant, Fiat. It made its first public appearance in 1998 when it was shown at an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. The public was fantasized to see the interiors and new shape of the car. The car was shorter and wider than other cars in the same competitive segment.

Since the brand Fiat was at its peak, the car became an instant hit in the market. Unlike other vehicles of Fiat, the major chunk of its production was carried out in Italy itself. The Fiat plant at Turin was proactively involved in the production of Multipla. Though it received some criticism as well, but nothing could stop it from bagging the most prestigious award in 2000, “Top Gear’s Car of the Year.” It also bagged many prizes for its on-road performance such as the ‘Best MPV’.

Fiat Multipla 1024x758 Fiat Multipla

Criticism brought a lot of changes in the basic model of this car and finally in 2004 Fiat decided to rejuvenate the entire architectural view of Multipla. Year after year Fiat launched many versions of Multipla; sometimes in the form of engine upgradations and sometimes body changes.

The engine was quite powerful and varied between the ranges of 95 bhp to 115 bhp. It was commendable for a car of such a segment to have a power of this intensity. The ELX model underwent major changes in 2004 when accessories like new Air Conditioning system, twin electric sunroofs, alloy wheels, electric rear windows and special wipers were added in its kitty.

Fiat Multipla 1 Fiat Multipla

Multipla has been a wonderful success story till date due to its flexibility and the tag, ‘FIAT’. It is one of the few cars which has seen the automobile slump era, faced criticism and yet managed to emerge as a winner. Fiat is planning to change the 5-speed manual gearbox and test an automated version of the same in the coming years.

Multipla surely is one of the legendary cars of Fiat.

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