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Fiat Marea

Fiat Marea is a successful family car which was available as a saloon and an estate car as well. Fiat enjoyed a powerful phase during the phase of 6-9 years after it was launched in 1996. Marea was manufactured to replace the older version, Fiat Tempra. Marea has been a wonderful success story in Brazil as well as Italy. Since the major chunk of production was carried out in Italy, the car was readily available on roads there. Slowly, the Betim plant in Brazil also took over the production and hence the car became in instant hit in Brazil as well.

Its unique body design crafted out of the platform for hatchback offerings made it a unique car altogether. Though the saloon versions never enjoyed much popularity in Europe, yet Fiat Marea managed to steal out some show for itself. The saloon version was slowly replaced by the Marea weekend on roads. Stilo Multiwagon came as the next big change which replaced the Marea weekend from the European roads. Marea came in a variety of engines which varied from 1.2L to 2.0L. Fiat also came up with a 2.4L turbo diesel version which had to be dropped due to on-road safety constraints. Marea added wings to its profile when the BiPower 1.6L was launched. This engine could run both on petrol and compressed natural gas.

FIAT MAREA. Fiat Marea

Since the production for Marea started late in Brazilian plants, the car was subjected to a lot of changes that matched the tastes of South Americans. The architecture was more stylish and so was the physical appearance. Brazil always boasted a good history for petrol engines and hence Fiat never launched a diesel version for Marea on South American roads.

Finally in 2007, Linea was all set to replace Marea from all parts of the world and the production of Marea was stopped forever.

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