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Fiat Linea

Fiat Linea is one of the latest models from Fiat. With an impeccable style that mesmerized the world in 2007, it is pretty sure that Linea is here to stay. From Europe to Latin America, Middle East to various parts of Australia, Linea has created waves all across the globe with its sensational handling, beautiful interiors and amazing power.

Its middle segment look makes it all the more accepted by every single entity. Be it the rich or the middle class persons, Linea adds to the grace undoubtedly. Linea had to mark its presence in the Indian subcontinent in November 2008 but the Mumbai terror attacks forced Fiat to delay the launch. Finally in the beginning of 2009, Linea marked a grand entry in Indian sub-continent and the results have been fascinating.

Born and brought up in Brazil, Linea has been a graceful car ever since its test model. It replaced the old war-horse from Fiat, the Marea. Fiat Linea has been doing wonderfully well everywhere. Its platform of Grande Punto makes it a very stable and reliable car.

Fiat Linea Fiat Linea

The 1.9L 16V Torque engine with an astounding backup of 132 PS can be one of the most ruthless on the roads when it comes to powerful drive.

Its launch in 2009 clearly means that Linea comes equipped with an amazing range of interiors and technologies which have never been experienced before in a car belonging to the middle segment. Linea brings along with it the experience of Blue & Me hands-free system, a Windows Mobile based system with many languages and speech recognition software. A USB port based connect drive that can support MP3 and WMA formats is an additional asset.

Fiat Linea 1 Fiat Linea

In some parts of South America, Linea comes equipped with an extraordinary GPS system which enhances the experience of venturing out in a new place. Specifically, in Brazil; Linea has challenged the sales of cars like Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla and is one of the highest selling models.

Fiat has now got the ball back in their court with such a wonderful car. Within no time, Linea will surely prove itself as one of the most astounding models ever created by Fiat.

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