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Fiat Idea

The year 2003 saw the manufacture of some great Fiat cars which have lived to the expectations till date. One of them was the lively, Fiat Idea. It is a mini MPV whose major chunk of production and manufacture is carried out in Brazil. Enthusiasts all across the globe appreciate Idea for its versatile interiors. The rear seats slide and fold wonderfully to provide different comfort levels to passengers.

Fiat engines are known for their compliance and environment friendly internals. All petrol engines manufactured by Fiat are Euro-4 compliant which suggest the core competitiveness of the company. The petrol engines can produce an astounding power up to 198 bhp which is an eye-catcher for a mini MPV. Backed by the robotized manual gearbox, these cars fare quite well on road.

Fiat Idea Fiat Idea

Though the manufacture is carried out in South America, yet Brazil has come out with a unique idea for their version. In 2005, engine modifications gave Idea a whole new recognition. Idea now boasted of a new 1.4L 8-valve 80 bhp engine. Some versions also had the latest GM-supplied Powertrain 1.8L 8-valve 112 bhp engine. Such powerful configurations attracted thousands which lead to the real success of Fiat Idea on South American roads.

From front base to chassis, wheel base to interiors, the modified version in Brazil takes the inspiration from Fiat Grande Punto. A new glass roof version, called the SkyDome, became quite popular.

The Idea is manufactured in mainly 2 different trim levels. The safety provision in the car is very good. Idea comes equipped with four air-bags, anti locking Brakes system, parking, rain and light sensors, Bluetooth phone systems for connection during emergency and customized leather cushioned seats.

Fiat Idea 1 Fiat Idea

In 2006, Brazil produced yet another modified version of Idea which was named as Idea Adventure. Power-packed with good suspensions, brakes, seats and other interiors; this car created a sensation in South America.

The future of this car surely depends on the performance of its modified versions which keep hitting the roads from time to time. In a nutshell, Idea has performed wonderfully well in the past and Fiat has been putting a lot of efforts in making it a dream car for them.

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