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Fiat Grande Punto

Fiat Grande Punto is one of the latest surprises from Fiat’s kitty. Built in Brazil and Italy, this car has mesmerized every single car enthusiast with its looks and on road performance. The Grande Punto had been welcomed in a fabulous manner and was unveiled in almost the same way. Back in 2005, the Grande Punto made its first public appearance in the Frankfurt Motor Show. Though the name has been derived from Fiat Punto, but most of the engineering and exterior features are different.

Grande Punto comes loaded with various engine options. The solid 1.2 8V Fire and 1.4 16V StarJet engines are the most popular among the Fiat lovers. The versions with these engine configurations produce an astounding amount of power which not only set the roads on fire but maintain a wonderful grip on the road as well. Many diesel versions in the form of 1.9L with 130 PS and 1.6 JTD are also in great demand. The best feature of all these engines is the certification of Euro IV that makes their reputation worth the brand.

Fiat Grande Punto 1 Fiat Grande Punto

Other continents like Australia got a chance to experience the drive of Grande Punto in 2006. In November, Punto made its first public appearance and the next year it won the award of ‘The Most Economical Car in the Market.’

Mexico has seen some superb versions of Punto in the recent past. From 1.4V 95 PS to 1.4V 120 PS, Punto has proved its power on the roads of Australia. In parts of South America, Punto got a chance to show its ominous handling in 2007 when it first hit the roads of Brazil. South Africa saw a change in tactics from Fiat when they put Punto on sale to replace previous Sedan versions.

Some parts of the globe also saw the launch of Fiat Linea in 2007. These cars hit the Indian sub-continent in 2008. They have shown steady progress in the sales since then which proves the adaptability of these cars on every road.

 Fiat Grande Punto

In 2007, a slightly modified version of Grande Punto, known as the Abarth Grande Punto was launched. Though it was designed with some modifications in mind, but the final product was way too different.

When it comes to safety, Punto has done exceedingly well in passing all the tests. It got a 5-star rating for the safety of an adult occupant, while it managed a 3-star for a child occupant. From a pedestrian’s point of view it received 3 stars out of 4.

Grande Punto has been a wonderful car for all enthusiasts across the globe. We feel it will keep on serving the people the same way it has been doing till now.

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