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Fiat Doblo

Fiat Doblo is a multi-utility vehicle which has bagged the laurels of one of the most flexible vehicles on road. Since the day when it was launched in 2001, it has shown remarkable results as far as the road performance is concerned. It serves the purpose of both panel van and a comfortable leisure activity vehicle. Though Holland was the first country where Doblo got its launching pad; even the juries from 19 different nations could not refrain from the fact that it was the best van on road till date.

In 2006, it received the prestigious award of “International Van of the Year.” In some South-east Asian countries like Singapore, a similar version of the same car also exists in the form of Fiat Panorama.

The chunk of the production is carried out in Brazil, Turkey, Russia and Vietnam. The cars that are manufactured in Turkey are one of the most powerful. With a 1.4L petrol engine, a 1.9L Multi-jet and a 16-valve 1.3L Multi-jet, they set the road on fire like any other power car.

In many parts of Asia, Doblo underwent a major modeling and designing change during 2005.

Fiat Doblo Fiat Doblo

Fiat Brazil has been quite proactive during the past 5-6 years. In 2003, it manufactured a remarkable version of Doblo called as the ‘Fiat Doblo Adventure’. A powerful 1800cc engine and a complete modification in front and rear exteriors helped the car gain immense popularity as a great safari and hiking vehicle.

Recently, in 2009, the Doblo got was placed under a whole new product line of cars known as the ‘Adventure Locker’. The electrical versions of Doblo have been quite successful as well. Fiat produces three different models which vary a little in their internal configuration. The common feature of these vehicles comes in the form of the 30kW motor which is made by Ansaldo Electric Drives. The battery helps the car produce an astounding speed of 125-150 Km/h.

Fiat Doblo 1 Fiat Doblo

One of the car sales exhibition in October, 20007 organized by Fiat launched the era of electric cars which were able enough to match the petrol versions in Europe.

Though Doblo typically belongs to a restricted segment of activity vans, it has proved its flexibility as a major flag-bearer of FIAT in recent years.

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