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Fiat Coupe

Coupe is one of the most distinguished and cherished cars from Fiat’s kitty. Its unique angular design and scalloped side panels made it one of the most remarkable icons of that time. Between 1993 and 2000, it created waves in European market. Its first ever appearance in the Brussels Motor Show created a huge market for it.

Finally in 1994, when it hit the roads, it came up with an astonishing 2.0L 1.6V engine. Normal as well as turbo versions of the same were also available. Fiat kept changing the configurations in Coupe with respect to market demands. From new cylinders to introduction of valves, Coupe enjoyed a luxury treatment from Fiat.

Fiat Coupe. Fiat Coupe

Coupe also came up with turbo-charged 16 and 20 valve versions which were backed by powerful Viscodrive limited-slip differential. In 1998, Fiat injected fresh blood in market by introducing the Special Limited-Edition which was quite different from normal configuration and was a masterpiece in itself. This edition came in black, red, Vinci grey, Crono grey and metallic steel grey shades. The popularity of the Limited Edition forced Fiat to produce additional 1100 cars after the promised count of 300 in total.

The year, 1998 saw a new change in the car with the introduction of 2.0-litre 5-cylinder 20V engine which was powered by a Variable Inlet System. This increased the horse-power to an awesome figure of 154 bhp (115 kW). The interesting point to note is that the complete production of Coupe was carried out in the Turin plant of Italy.

Fiat Coupe Fiat Coupe

The final model in 2000 was the ‘Plus Edition’ which was equipped with a whole range of astounding accessories like 6-speed gearbox and a large satin glosh push-starter button. This 2.0L 20V model had an impeccable statistic of accelerating from 0-100 Km/h in just 6.5 seconds. The top speed of around 250 Km/h gave it the real wings for its on-road performance. Fiat had never thought that an enriched car like Coupe would be so popular in the entire Europe.

In 2000 end, when the production of Coupe was finally stopped, it had made a huge place in the hearts of people and close to 73,000 cars had already hit the roads.

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