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Fiat Bravo

Fiat Bravo is one of the most beautiful small segment cars produced by Fiat. From 1995 to 2001, it mesmerized everyone across the globe with its interiors and stunning performance. In 2007, Stilo took the place of Bravo and the production marks of this car were removed from the factories of Fiat forever.

The successful production of Fiat Bravo marked the end of an era of another legendary Fiat model, the Tipo. The new engines were much more advanced and powerful.

As the name suggests, it was a really tough and brave decision by Fiat to nullify the manufacture of a really successful model and introduce a new pawn. The new Fiat Bravo had all the ingredients of a wonderful car.

Backed by a powerful 1.8L 16-valve engine, this car is meant to do wonders on road. Also known as the 113 PS engine by many, it helps Bravo achieve an astounding speed of 200 Km/h. The Fiat persons were brave enough to try out these models with both versions of fuel. After the successful launch of petrol engines, diesel engines came into picture.

fiat bravo Fiat Bravo

Fiat has produced two high performance diesel engines for Bravo, both of which had a 1.9L capacity backed by four cylinders.

In the very first year of its launch Bravo also won the award of ‘European car of the year.’ A major setback came in the year 2001 when the new Stilo was to be launched as the next successor of Bravo. The production of Bravo came to a standstill. Stilo was one of the biggest flops which further added to the miseries of Fiat Planning Department.

If we shift our focus towards the various performance segments of this car, we can see that Bravo was indeed a fabulous small segment car.

In a survey conducted by the World Auto bodies, Fiat Bravo secured an average rating of 14.2 on a scale of 20. The area of running costs and handling were the flag-bearers of this awesome score sheet. Though the advanced version failed badly, Bravo was a gemstone from Fiat’s kitty.

From true practicality of the vehicle to an impeccable quality, great performance to sturdy and manly looks, extreme comfort to wonderful handling; the Fiat Bravo encompassed every single feature in a beautiful manner.

A car that passed the toughest of the road tests, Fiat Bravo was truly a masterpiece worth reading. Times have drastically changed the cars on the roads today, but the memories of the legendary Bravo are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

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