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Fiat Barchetta

Barchetta, or the ‘little boat’ is one of the most desired roadsters of all times. It enjoyed a good reign of 10 years from 1995-2005. Produced and manufactured solely in plant of Italy, this car was a tough speedster on the road.

The 1700+ CC of engine was a unique configuration at that time. This dohc petrol engine came with a variable camshaft timing which was the first time for a Fiat car. Its weight of more than 1000 Kg never came in the way of its massive speed. It could accelerate from 0-100 Km/h in a matter of 8 seconds. With a top speed of around 190 Km/h, it was a tough nut to crack way back in 1995. The year 2003 saw a major change in the front and the rear looks of the vehicle which made it more attractive.

Barchetta was a luxury car during those days and came up with left hand drive versions only. Its launch in countries like Britain and Japan proved the brand strength of this vehicle as well as Fiat. Since these countries have only right hand drive rules, Barchetta still managed to capture a lot of road presence.

Fiat Barchetta Fiat Barchetta

Since Barchetta was only the second Roadster after 124 Spider, people waited eagerly for its launch. The transmissions of 5-speed manual and a straight-4 1700 CC engine made a perfect combination for a successful European car. From style to interiors, accessories to road comfort, Barchetta scored heavily in all departments.

A strange thing happened in 2002 end when its production was paused. For two years till mid 2004, the production of Barchetta was at a standstill. The reason for this strange move was never disclosed officially but rumors exist that Fiat was planning the negative market tactics.

Fiat Barchetta 2 1024x734 Fiat Barchetta

Fiat had experimented the third brake light in 2002 when the external cosmetics were drastically changed. In 2004, Barchetta came back with a bang. It experienced good comeback sales due to which 2004 was one of the best years for this car. In 2005, Fiat finally decided to stop the production of Barchetta. It was truly a dream ride for this car during all years of its production.

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