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Fiat 500C – First Photos

Here are the first photos of the Fiat 500C, the convertible version of the 500 model, which will be presented for the first time at the Geneva Auto Show. The roof is a soft top, that works the same way that older cabrio models used to do it.

There are three available colors for the soft top: black, white and red. The top also incorporates in the design the third stop lamp, which is visible at all times, even if the top is up or down.

As for the technical part, the Fiat 500C will have the same options as the 500, with two petrol engines to choose from (1.2L with 69HP and 1.4L with 100HP) with the third engine being the 1.3L Multijet with 75HP.

Shortly after the Geneva Auto Show will end, sales for the Fiat 500C will begin.

fiat500c thumb Fiat 500C   First Photos

fiat500c thumb1 Fiat 500C   First Photos

fiat500cback thumb Fiat 500C   First Photos

fiat500cabrio thumb Fiat 500C   First Photos

fiat500ccabriolet thumb Fiat 500C   First Photos

The Fiat 500 (first model) sales are on the rise, despite the negative situation from the market, and has surpassed 310,000 orders, according to Lorenzo Sistino, a CEO for Fiat Automobile. In January 2009, the sales of the Italian constructor grew by 7.4%, with growth especially visible in France, Germany and Italy. For the first year, Sistino established a target of 35,000 units for the Fiat 500C.

fiat500c thumb Fiat 500C   First Photos

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