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Fiat 500C – First Photos

Here are the first photos of the Fiat 500C, the convertible version of the 500 model, which will be presented for the first time at the Geneva Auto Show. The roof is a soft top, that works the same way that older cabrio models used to do it.

There are three available colors for the soft top: black, white and red. The top also incorporates in the design the third stop lamp, which is visible at all times, even if the top is up or down.

As for the technical part, the Fiat 500C will have the same options as the 500, with two petrol engines to choose from (1.2L with 69HP and 1.4L with 100HP) with the third engine being the 1.3L Multijet with 75HP.

Shortly after the Geneva Auto Show will end, sales for the Fiat 500C will begin.

fiat500c thumb Fiat 500C   First Photos

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Fiat Is Asking For Help From The Government

Even though there were a lot of good news about Fiat recently, not everything is great there.

Just like most other car manufacturers, Fiat is looking at cutting down jobs. Unless the Italian government steps in and helps them, as many as 60,000 jobs might be cut.

Negotiations between the unions, Fiat and the government have started already. Since the crisis hit, the profits of Fiat dropped by 70% in the last quarter of 2008 and they predict that it will go down for another 20%.

fiatlogo Fiat Is Asking For Help From The Government

Let’s see how the Italian group will react to these results, this considering there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for most car brands; let’s just hope a merge won’t ruin everything they’ve been working on lately. icon smile Fiat Is Asking For Help From The Government

About Fiat: (Recent News)

Fiat, ranked number 4 in Europe for most cars sold, in the month of January, with 79.040 models. This means that it managed to outperform Renault and General Motors. However, the crisis did show its teeth, and Fiat’s production went down in the first month of the year by 26.4%.

Fiat Uno – Biggest Parking Ticket Ever

A Fiat Uno, which was left in an Austrian parking lot for two years, got a fine of $26,110.

The owner was deported by the immigration officials two years ago, and left the Fiat Uno behind. A local law that doesn’t allow for vehicles to be towed if they don’t obstruct traffic made sure that the car couldn’t be moved.

Because the owner doesn’t want to pay the bill, the city officials want to declare the place occupied by the car a construction site, which will let them take the car from there.

fiatuno thumb Fiat Uno   Biggest Parking Ticket Ever

Considering the value of the car, I don’t think it’s worth getting it back, unless of course there’s a real sentimental reason behind that fact. icon smile Fiat Uno   Biggest Parking Ticket Ever