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Fiat Cars

Fiat is one of the most prestigious brands in the world right now. With an enriched history that prolongs for more than 100 years, Fiat has earned a respectful image as Italy’s largest car-maker and the world’s 6th biggest car manufacturer on Earth.

Many of you might not know the fact that FIAT is an acronym. It means, “Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino”. One of the core founders of this legend company who is remembered till date for his relentless efforts is Giovanni Agneli.

Fiat has a rich history of CEOs and chairmen, who from time to time have helped Fiat in building this image. Fiat’s expansion plans have been on a steady rise and its major presence is now felt in countries like Italy, France, Turkey, Serbia, India and Russia.

From time to time, Fiat has produced some scintillating car designs which have mesmerized the world with their looks, appearance, handling and other stylish features.

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From small city cars to the medium segment wonders, some legendary large segment cars to the killer Ferraris, Fiat has got almost every entity in its kitty. The Ducato, Iveco and Alfa Romeo are other giant industries which are owned by the Fiat group as a whole.

Some of the models which have created a unique image of their own are the Fiat 500 which won the European car of the year in 2008. The Lancia Delta is another beautiful car which won the European hearts way back in 1980. The Alfa Romeo is one of the most astonishing pieces of engineering. It has been a dream car of millions across the globe. It won great laurels for Fiat in 1998 when it created a record in its overall sales. In 2001, another version of Alfa Romeo repeated history by winning the ‘European car of the year’.

Some of the other masterpieces include Maserati Gran Turismo and Ferrari California. These cars have not only won admirations but also increased the reputation of Fiat Cars by many a folds.

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Fiat has been growing in stature ever since its launch in 1899. It is one of the few respected car-makers of the world which has faced all the odds of crisis to show a positive result almost every single time. Its Asian hold has also shown tremendous result. Punto would be hitting the roads of Indian sub-continent very soon. The stylish Fiat Linea has created a wonderful image and platform for the next Fiat models. It has been awarded the best car of the year in Asia.

The partnership between GM and Fiat in 2000 has given a whole new client base to Fiat which helped them in more automobile production. It was expected that in May 2009, Fiat might possibly take over one of the subsidiaries in the form of GM Europe. Not only will Fiat gain access to Opel/Vauxhall and Saab, but also become the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world.

Fiat’s partnership with other giants like Chrysler has made it a stronger brand across the globe. From a dominant Asian presence to a major presence in Europe, minor parts of South Africa to major portions of South America; Fiat is all set to take its brand image to a whole new level.